What do we offer?

What do we offer?

Our service enables organizations to acquire learning material and training courses from training providers, and to manage and share them within organization. Organization can also use the same service to produce and share your own content. The production tools include WordPress, WebinarJam and H5P.

The monitoring of content use and analysis of the use rates of different content enables efficient competence development.

Dikaios provides tools for

  • information management within an organisation.
  • sharing content and training within an organisation.
  • updating content and training in real time for all users.
  • targeting content and training at selected users.
  • compiling statistics for the monitoring of the use of content and training.
  • sharing the created content and training outside the organisation.
  • sharing the content and training by other providers within an organisation.
  • management of licences.
  • centralized billing of purchased materials.

Our service enables the use of all different types of content available online, including images, video, virtual reality, online training sessions and webinars. We will charge monthly for content purchased from outside service providers via an invoice.

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What do we offer?

Service technology for your organisation to manage and share information related to learning.

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