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  • Surveying the customer’s needs and making an agreement.
  • Launching necessary integrations. Tailoring the product according to the customer’s needs
  • Piloting / implementation.
  • Providing training and instructions for the organization.
  • Introducing the service channel to the platform used by the customer. If necessary, creating a learning portal for the customer to stand in for the learning platform. Different partners of the organization can also be joined to the same channel.

Visma Enterprise Oy

Business ID 1080465-1

Jukka Holm


+358 40 5606 797

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Visma Enterprise Oy, business ID 1080465-1

Electronic invoicing address: 003710804651

Intermediary: Maventa

Intermediary ID: 003721291126

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FI32 8307 8710 0024 66 (Visma Financial Solutions Oy - asiakasvaratili)


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Service technology for your organisation to manage and share information related to learning.

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